A game about making as many coffees as you can! Can you be Coffee Master?
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Coffee Flavour Sorter Pro is a fast-paced game where players process orders as quickly as they can to fulfill the wackiest coffee orders.

The main goal the of the game is to convey the frantic feelings of working at a coffee shop during rush hour. The controls map directly to the number pad, so players can use a familiar interface and focus on the task at hand. With coffee stains piling up, the machine swinging faster and faster, the music speeding up and time running out, the only way to become the coffee master is to take a deep breath and focus on coffee and nothing else. Created in 48 hours for the Indie Speed Run 2013.

Indie Speed Run 2013

Game Design, Programming, Art

Created With:
Construct 2

Art, Programming: Nara Van Rossum
Sound: Alexander Westcott