A game about being a cat! Smash the keyboard and meow as fast as you can!
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Play Online (Requires Webcame and Microphone)

Kitty Keys is a fast-paced single player game about being a cat. The player must respond to on-screen commands with cat-like reflexes in order to succeed.

Created entirely in 48 hours, the mechanics of Kitty Keys were designed from the perspective of how a cat could use a computer. Cats can meow, smash keyboards and resist temptation, so those are the player actions. At the loudest meow, a picture is taken from the computer’s webcam and shown to the player at the end of the game. This ‘KittyCam’ was very well received and really complemented the strangeness of the game.

The game earned the ‘Gold’ rank at the Global Game Jam 2014 segment held at Concordia University.

Global Game Jam

Game Design, Programming

Created With:
Construct 2

Art: Zach Soares
Sound: St├ęphane Dufour