Morphlers is a team-based multiplayer arena game that bridges the gap between casual and serious strategy game players.

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Morphlers is a third-person multiplayer team-based arena game that tests a player’s adaptability, reflexes, strategy, and teamwork. Players will run, attack, stun, scare, ie, kill, and Evolve.

A Morphler is a strange, endearing yet violent creature who absorbs the powers over everything it kills. In the game, players can absorb up to two different abilities: one from the seemingly harmless smaller Critters roaming the world and the other from other Morphlers. These abilities are manifested directly in the form of the Morphler, creating a one to one relationship between form and function.

On this project I was in charge of the creating the original concept and game design, writing the Game Design Document and Scoping Document, organising playtests and team meetings, and analysing player feedback.

The prototype was created for the Academia Ubisoft Game Lab Competition and won Best Art Direction and was nominated for Best Game Design as well as Best Prototype.

Additionnal Materials Created:
Game Design Document (Larger Scope than Prototype presented here)
Dev Blog

Academia Game Lab Competition Website

Team Leader, Game Designer

Created With:
Construct 2


Creative Director:
Eva Cvijanovic

Environment Art & Level Design:
Ana Tavera

Sound Design:
Alexander Westcott

Lead Programmer:
Gabrielle Lafrance

Network Programmer:
Richard Wou

Gameplay Programmer:
Eric Robitaille