Play with putty to learn how circuits work! Beat your friends at Putty Match!
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Singing Putty is a new game controller that explores basic electronics with color, shape, sound and sculpture.

The main goal of the Singing Putty project was to create the physical controller. With such an unconventional set up, I had the challenge of designing games that would be simple enough to showcase the controller and emphasise the fun of playing with putty. We decided finally on two game modes: Putty Match, a 2-player competitive game where players race to complete the circuit on screen and gain points, and Garden Mode, a collaborative level that makes the putty ‘sing’ with the various connections. The pitch of the sound even varied with the concentration of the dough, a feature that players responded very well to.

Game Design, Branding

Created With:
Arduino and Processing

Programming and Circuits: Sean Fraser

Singing Putty Website